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Dry Cleaning vs Laundering – The Most Common Question

January 25th, 2017

Many of our customers wonder what is the difference between laundering and dry cleaning?  Both processes are designed to clean your garments and remove stains.  With so many different types of fabrics and confusing symbols on care labels, it can leave you unsure as to which option is best.

Laundering is the process of washing clothes with water-immersion.  Laundry cleaning uses detergents along with water to remove dirt and soils from clothes.  Our laundry process is similar to your home machine, however, we use more concentrated detergents than you can get in the grocery store.  We also have specific spotting solutions for almost every stain you can imagine.  In the laundry process, we can add softeners and/or starch, as needed.  Proper laundering will give you cleaner and longer-lasting shirts.

Dry cleaning uses cleaning solutions and no water, hence the term “dry” cleaning.  We use GenX which is biodegradable, virtually non-toxic and non-carcinogenic.  It is specifically designed to give safe and high level cleaning over a variety of fabrics.

Most cotton button down shirts react best to being laundered and pressed.  Cotton fibers are durable and generally do not shrink with water.  Laundering is also better for removing common stains on dress shirts (perspiration, body oils, etc.).

Garments, including dress shirts, that are made with different fabrics or blends may be damaged or shrink when immersed in water.  Fading and color-bleeding are also concerns with the laundering process.  These items do better in the dry-cleaning process.

Many customers think an expensive shirt needs to be dry cleaned.  This may not always be the case.  For this reason, we suggest you always read your care labels and entrust your cleaning to a quality cleaner who can use their expertise to determine the best option for your specific needs.